11 Types of Blog Posts to Increase Traffic to Your Site

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As a blogger, you need to know how to bring web traffic to your website with good content. More traffic equals more money you can make with ads, affiliate links, and products or services to sell.

But what is good blog content?

In this post, I will show you 11 different types of blog content you can create to bring more web traffic and more revenue to your blog. These are my favorite types of content to create because this is usually the type of content that users are searching for on Google.


1. How-to articles and tutorials

The first and my favorite blog content are how-to articles and tutorials. This is where you teach by example.

This means you will need to supply the information to complete a certain task. The users will follow your tutorial step-by-step to accomplish a certain task or learn something new.

Some examples of how-to articles and tutorials for my website include:

How to start a blog on Bluehost? How to write your first blog post? or How to make money blogging?

What I’ve found is that how-to articles and tutorials that do the best are usually about 1000 to 2000 words. This will usually be enough to explain a topic well enough but not be too long or boring.

As you write more tutorials in your niche, you will become and be seen as an expert in that field.

2. Product or Service Reviews

The second type of blog post I like to write is product or service reviews.  This is because people are going to use Google or Youtube to search for product or service reviews before they buy the product.

Who hasn’t look at product reviews? For example, if you are looking for a new laptop, you will probably search for a full review of the product.

Not only that, you probably will read multiple reviews just to be sure before buying.

Some examples of reviews for my site could be:

  • Why ConvertKit is the favorite email list software?
  • What makes Teachable the best digital course platform.
  • An in-depth look at my favorite affiliate network ShareASale.

You get the idea.

3. Lists

My third favorite blog content resource is a List. This is just a list of things you recommend.

For example, if you are in the exercise niche and want to teach someone to get perfect abs, you can list the “Top 10 exercises to get a six-pack” or the “Top 10 foods to eat for perfect abs.”

The good thing about a List is it’s very easy to turn your most popular Lists into freebies downloads. What I mean by that is if someone is interested in getting leaner abs, you can give them a PDF version of the List as an opt-in bonus to your Email list.

If fact, I recommend creating multiple free opt-in bonuses for each topic you will be blogging about. That way you can be sure there is an interesting bonus for everyone.

4. Controversial blog posts

The fourth type of blog post that does well is controversial blog posts. This is where you express your open-ended opinion on a topic, product, or service.

These types of articles are very popular because they elicit an emotional response. So that means you will get more comments in your article with people that argue and disagree with your opinion.

For example, on my site, some examples can include

Remember, a controversial blog post is meant to spark light debate and increase engagement between your blog visitors.

5. Videos or YouTube Post

For the fifth type of blog post, I recommend creating a video or Youtube content. A picture speaks a thousand words. Likewise, a video can speak a million words.

For example, you can create a short video that covers the same content as your blog post, then embed it into the blog post.

That way you get traffic to your blog article and Youtube video. That’s like double the potential traffic for the same content.

As a bonus, if you script your Youtube videos, you can make a few minor adjustments and simply post your script as the blog post. That saves a lot of time.

6. Checklists and cheat sheets

The six type of content I like is making a checklist and cheat sheets.  Everyone is very busy today so if you can consolidate all your main points into a checklist or cheat sheet, you will be saving them a lot of time.

This type of content can also be turned into opt-in bonuses. By that mean, you can create a PDF file of your best content as a download bonus if they subscribe to your email list.

This enables you to provide enticing content to the user while also growing your email list.

And remember you don’t need landing pages or funnels to create opt-in pages.

Most email services like Convertkit or Aweber can redirect visitors to your PDF bonus after they subscribe to your email list. These services have many pretty templates you can use.

7. Infographics

For the 7th blog content idea, I recommend making infographics. These are a graphic illustration of the main points of the blog post. These are usually informative and easy to read.

They stand out because they are more interesting than just a simple picture.

So what you want to do is find all your popular blog post, then simply use a free tool like Canva to make infographics. Under Canva there are templates to help you build infographics. So you just need to plug in the content and not worry about the graphics layout.

So no artistic skill is required to make infographics. How nice is that?

8. Guest posts

The 8th type of content to make is guest blog posts. This is where to find popular bloggers in the same niche as you that have way more traffic and users.

After finding a dozen or so of these sites, simply send a message to the blog owner asking if you can write a guest post on their site.

You should also mention the titles of some articles you can write on their blog. Then if they let you guest post, write the article, and send it to them.

They will then post the article on their site and give you credit.

Now make sure after the article is posted that you engage in the comments section so you can answer questions visitors may have about your blog post.

9. Blog or Email Series

Another popular content is a blog or an email series. This is where to take a complex topic and break it into multiple blog post.

For example, if you are in the personal finance niche, you can offer a blog or email series on Budgeting. Some articles in the series can be:

  • The importance of budgeting
  • How to create a budget in Google Docs
  • How to follow-thru on your budget and so on

Then you can turn this blog articles into an e-mail series. So for this, you will need some e-mail software that does tagging such as ConvertKit or AWeber. That way you only send the email series to just the users that want it.

10. Interviews

The number ten type of blog content I recommend is doing interviews. As your blog becomes more popular, don’t be surprised if others want to interview you on their blog and vice versa.

I really like interviews because you get to appear on someone else’s blog and to their visitors.

Also, this provides more social proof that you are an authority in your niche and also get more backlinks to your site.

11. Blog Updates

And for the final blog content I recommend is blog updates. Usually, a blog is about you and your journey. Your visitors want to know more about you.

So you can provide a blog or status update about you or your site.

For example, you can let users know what you manage to accomplish last month on your blog and what you hope to achieve next month.

So there you go, my 11 favorite blog post ideas. If you think of these types of blog post, you will never run out of content to write.

Blogging should all be about having fun creating useful content for your visitors. They will appreciate it very much when you help them learn something new!

Now if you have not started a blog yet, please check out my guide on How to Start a Bog. Happy blogging!


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