Starting a blog and business online to make money can be confusing and overwhelming.

There’s so much random information out there, where do you even start and not get overwhelmed?

Perhaps you wanted to even have a successful Youtube channel, but haven’t made your first video it’s not even getting any views.

Before you know it, years may have passed and you are still working the 9-5 instead of becoming a full-time blogger.

So here’s how I can help you succeed…

Hi, I’m Jim and run the Blog Income Academy.

I help dedicated and motivated individuals that want to start a blog and make money online. Even if you want to be a full-time blogger, I suggest not quitting your day job as blogging and making money online can take several months with some hard work.

Here are some things you’ll learn here

How to Start A Blog the Right Way
Blogging and writing tips
Increasing web traffic and audience
Using Youtube to grow your blog
Using Pinterest and other forms of social media
Leveraging on the right digital tools
Making money with Affiliate Marketing
Monetizing your blog with digital products or services

Some Random Facts About Me

Was on the cross country team in my younger days
Worked as an investment banker while attempting a business school
Started investing in a Roth IRA as soon as I graduated college
Worked in the IT computer field for many years
Used to clip coupons on Sundays
Volunteered at food banks
Love to help people success

You are in good hands. My goal is to see you succeed by providing valuable and useful content. The best way to learn is to start reading my blog posts, watching my youtube videos, and subscribing to my email list.