How Long Does It Take To Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing?

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One question that aspiring affiliates keep asking is this. How long does it take to make money with affiliate marketing? And unfortunately, there is no exact answer to the question, 3 months, 12 days or maybe 7 hours? No, it depends on one’s own assumptions and individual factors, which I will discuss in more detail below.

I cannot say the exact amount since I can earn a few hundred dollars after a month, and another person has just earned $20 after 6 months.

For example, from reading other blogs, it usually takes up to 5 months after launching the blog, to start earning money from Affiliate Marketing. It will usually start off low with a few hundred then a few thousand.

Try to set milestones to reach. For example, making $100/month, then $500/month, $1000/month, and onward. The more work you put in the more profits you will get over time.

The time it takes to make money with affiliate marketing depends on several variables.


For one thing, the requirements are of course very important.

Do you already have an established site with a lot of good quality traffic? Or has the site just started and almost no traffic?

The contents are also important, which topics are covered and which target groups. For example, comparison products of technology stuff are more suitable for affiliate marketing than articles about your breakfast cereal.

Not so crucial, but also different are the payment periods of the various affiliate networks and affiliate programs. Some pay at the end of the month, the others only 3 months later.

It’s important in any case, that it makes a big difference with which conditions one starts with the Affiliate Marketing.


Individual factors

Then there are the individual factors.

That would be:

Time Factor

Of course, it makes a difference if an affiliate can invest in their affiliate site for 1 hour a day or 1 hour a week

Money Factor

Anyone who is prepared to invest money can, for example, buy texts, acquire a professional layout, buy backlinks, etc. All this improves and accelerates the development.

Skill Factor

Your own abilities are not unimportant. If you can write well yourself or know about SEO, that helps a lot.

Know-How Factor

The know-how regarding affiliate marketing itself also plays an important role. Beginners make certain mistakes, while more experienced affiliates know what matters. The know-how regarding the topic of the site also plays a role.

Engagement Factor

If you’re passionate about it, you’ll be fine-tuning details, testing different layouts, texts, etc., and marketing the site more intensively. Those who only think of making money and have nothing left for the topic often invest less.

Outsourcing Factor

Of course, the time factor is also the question of doing everything yourself or outsourcing certain work. Of course, this is closely related to the point of money.

So there are many factors that affect the time it takes for money to flow.

How Can You Speed It Up?

Basically, by optimizing the above points. So just spend more time building and marketing an affiliate site.

Or you can spend more money on marketing or buy an established project, which of course immediately brings along traffic and content.

The right choice of topic and thus the affiliate programs is important. Not all affiliate programs are equally profitable. And, of course, the theme is also crucial to how strong it stands on Google, for example, the competition.

XY may be an interesting topic with good affiliate programs, but if the competition in Google is so strong that you’re teasing somewhere on results page 6, it will not bring any traffic and therefore no revenue.

And of course, you should also constantly expand your knowledge of affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the initial situation and the individual factors, it can be quick or take a long time to earn money with affiliate marketing.

You should not be persuaded by self-proclaimed affiliate marketing gurus and experts to get rich overnight. Affiliate marketing also means hard work and perseverance.

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