How To Start A Blog

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Today, I will show you how simple it can be to create a blog of your own and how to start a WordPress blog. It’s very inexpensive to start a blog and start writing useful content to share with your audience.  Blogging has allowed me to be creative and helped me grow into a smarter individual.

The number one recommended host for blogger is Bluehost.  They currently host over 2 million websites and have very responsive and knowledgeable support staff.  But trust me, creating and maintaining a blog is very easy because we are using WordPress.  There is no HTML or coding you need to know to build your website today.

By starting your WordPress blog today with Bluehost, you will be on your way to building your own brand and producing content that will help you grow your audience and in return get money through monetization.  Our site has many blog posts that will guide you towards monetizing your blog.


Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies for WordPress blogs and it only cost $3.95/month to get started. Think of how affordable this rate is when comparing against a cup of coffee.  That means blogging is one the few online adventures you can do with little investment to see if blogging is right for you.

You may be thinking that you can save money by using free services like Blogger or Tumblr.  I don’t recommend that.  People don’t take the content on free sites as serious as self-hosted blogs.  I mean when you search Google, you will most likely get search results from self-hosted websites.  So that’s why I recommend starting your WordPress blog with Bluehost.  This is a company that everyone loves and recommends because of reliability, low cost, and exceptional customer service.

1. Finding and Registering your domain name

To get started, we need a domain name for our blog. Picking a domain name can be tough.  Give it some thought.  Here are my tips,

  1. Use a .com domain as it will make you more professional and easier to make money.
  2. Pick a domain name that gives the reader some hints about what your blog may be about?
  3. Use your name if you are building a personal brand.

Remember.  You can build more than one website or migrate to another domain name easier with Bluehost if you get their Plus or higher plan.  This can be good if want to create multiple sites for various topics such as Health, Fitness, Beauty, and more.

Also, if you sign with Bluehost with their 12 month plan, you get a FREE domain for the first year.  This is a great savings!

2. Buy web hosting for your blog

I recommend starting off with Bluehost's Basic plan for now.  You can always upgrade later.  If you know you will need multiple blogs, then pick the Plus plan.

Click here to get started.

There are some optional services that can you pick.  However, I just recommend the Domain Privacy Protection to prevent your name and address showing up when people look to see who owns a domain.  This isn’t mandatory and can be added later when your blog gets more popular.

Let’s get started now and your blog will be up and running in a few minutes.

Follow the steps below to buy web hosting for your WordPress blog.

  1. Go to Bluehost and click the “Get Started Now” button.
  2. Click on the package you want.
  3. Enter your domain name or sign up for a new domain name.
  4. Enter your payment details.
  5. Enter a secure password you want for your site.

3. Connect your domain and your hosting.

This step is only required if you brought your domain name elsewhere instead of .

If you brought your domain through Go Daddy or NameCheap, then you will need to connect the domain and hosting.  This is done by updating the name servers to point to Bluehost.

  • Login to NameCheap or the site you have your domains
  • Pick the name server options
  • Enter and

It may take up to 48 hours for name servers to update and linking your previously brought domain to .  However, it’s usually only a few hours.

4. Installing WordPress on Bluehost.

Now that you got purchase web hosting, login to Bluehost and find the WordPress installation icon.

This one-click installation will install WordPress after entering a few details.

Login to WordPress and now you can create your first blog post.

Simply click All Post, Add New, and create your first blog post.

You are all done.  WordPress is very easy to learn. So browse around your site and start blogging!

5. General tips for how to navigate WordPress.

You can add and create new posts or blog categories by clicking on “Posts” on the left-hand menu.

If you want to add an image, click on “Media” to upload images. Then you can insert images into your blog post.

Under the Appearance menu, you can change themes and customize the layout of your blog.

If you are looking to send newsletters or emails to your email subscriber, I recommend Convertkit for blogger and AWeber for general websites. Both are good and you need to start collecting email subscriber so you can send updates and monetize your email list.

If you are looking into the actual design or theme for your blog, I recommend trying Genesis.
Free themes are okay when you are starting off but they have limitation and aren’t as up to date.



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