The 12 Most Popular Digital Products You Can Sell Online

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When it comes down to selling handmade products by the designer itself, or made by someone else and then sold further, it takes a lot of time and effort to sell those to the market. The physical product market is highly inconsistent, as there are further complications of taxes, shipping, and laws. Customers abroad, managing the inventory, importing, and more so. Compared to these, digital products are a lot easier and time-saving to sell, they are in their own league.

Digital products, in comparison to physical goods, are simpler to create and to sell. It is easier to replicate digital goods, takes less time and effort to distribute them, and the best attribute, the quality of the digital products is far more sustainable when compared to physical products.

Hearing all the comparisons and how much better selling digital products are, you all must be wondering what digital product can you create? We ask you another question to counter your question, what type of products can you, and want to create?

Any product that you want to sell can be turned into a digital product, and sold to the market. It is attainable to share your talents to the world, and also make money out of it. Opinions, knowledge, talents, opinions, anything you can or want to sell.

Further down, a list of all the digital products that can be shared to the world, covering your talents and knowledge. Prepare yourself to get inspired and start selling your own digital product.


eBooks have always been and will always be the most famous and likable digital products, to create and to buy equally. Both the customers and creators enjoy and love making and buying eBooks. eBooks are comparatively easier to produce, as they only require written copies and some images to add to them. These digital products are far easier to distribute, either through an online store or through a marketplace. As well as, eBooks are easily used by the consumers as they can be read on smartphones, tablets, computers or e-readers.

Producing Audio and Music

Audio is one of the most powerful ways of conveying messages and complimenting to the fact, there are a lot of different types of audio digital products that you can create and sell online. It is noted that audio tracks inspire, soothes, inform and help people to achieve their goals even more than written text.


Photos are one of the most powerful and interesting forms of conveying messages. And it engages as many people. People who consume digital photos the most these days are bloggers and website owners. Being one of the most in demand and wanted digital products, photos hold a great amount of audience.

Graphics and Digital art

Digital artists and graphic designer have the ability to create a large amount of digital content for the audience. All unique and valuable. From their own artwork to designed logos to PowerPoint themes to icon packs to PSD template, digital artists and graphic designers can create a lot of products to sell online. Original finished artworks worths more than graphic designs, and if you think you have that ability, go sell your art online.

Documents or Articles

Documents are written forms of knowledge that can be shared with the world on the other side of your computer. They are mainly informative pieces about different industries. Blog posts, articles, stories, everything can create digital products and sold online to bring cash to you.

Digital Courses

Courses are a new way now to convey information and knowledge to people. People prefer turning to digital media for learning and about the information on topics or educational needs. With such high demand for online knowledge, traditional learning ways can be switched up to content created for learners.


Fonts is another form of a very popular digital product among consumers. They are highly useful, wanted and likable to enhance the beauty of any website. Fonts are more likely to be bought by new people in the website market, who are looking for a simple way out.

Web-Based Applications

Web-based apps are a lot more like software, except that they are not downloaded from the web. They are not digital products if it is more emphasized on, but regardless of the fact they are sold and taken in a similar way. That is the reason it was important enough to acknowledge them in this list.


Services, in no form, can be compared to products, as they are not, But they can be sold digitally as well. In the new era of e-commerce, the fine line between product and service has dulled down, and honestly, not even the customer cares anymore. Any useful service that can save consumers time is well welcomed.

Online Tickets

Tickets are most definitely a whole different product line to be added in the list, but nonetheless, these products are sold with the same rate as any other mentioned above. It is easier for consumers to book tickets online, as well as time-saving, as tickets can be sold for online events as well as entertainment, informational, educational, or any kind of occasion, which means it has a vast amount of audience attached to it.

Software Products

Before deciding to sell software online, there is a fair amount of information that we should know.

The fact that the software industry is already huge, and growing even more with time. There are vast opportunities in this industry. An individual’s ability to jot down any kind of code can be turned into a product and sold. There are huge opportunities when it comes down to the software industry, and as the cherry on the top, an already established market exists already. If you have past experience with themes, apps, plugins, snippets, websites or anything else of different sorts, anything can be developed given you have written or spoken code language, and the code language can turn into cash for you.

Video Training

Videos, in today’s time, is the most fast, easy and effective kind of way to pass on information to the world. Despite any content, educations, entertainment, or informative. Videos engage more people than readable texts, and they are easy to consume as well with just a play button and you can sit back and learn all about the video in no time. As much as consumers love videos, they are happy to pay for them as much as well.

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