Ultimate Guide of 8 Successful Digital Product Ideas

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Digital products like courses are amazing to create and sell online, but other than that there are a ton of other products that can be made and sold digitally. Courses are great, but they also take up weeks to be prepared and then sold, while other digital products are there which take merely some hours to be prepared and easily sold to the consumer. They require basic skills, easily delivered, simple to create, and anyone can prepare them with minimal tech tools and put them to be sold.

Yes, it is not that easy to create digital products, or servers they are run on all day every day. But compared to courses, they are faster.

Down below will be stated 7 step guide to produce and sell digital products and all the needs to create them. If you believe eBooks and e-courses can only be the digital products, you are wrong.

Knowing digital products?

To start with, let’s discuss what are digital products? Digital products are non-physical products or services, that are far easier to deliver, doesn’t require one to keeping fulfilling orders and your orders reach on time to your amazing customers. A digital product is an uncomplicated tool or product that is made only once and can be resold many times. It does not require inventory costs and management and can be delivered to the consumer digitally. It is not supposedly e-commerce, as mentioned further, there are many of other digital products that can be made.

Some digital products are more suited to be sold and made cash out of, compared to others. While some products take hours to create, some may take weeks to create. Sometimes a product created with a cheap cost, as much as $40, a small product, can prove to be unexpectedly a big start. This guide further below will define all the pros and cons of every digital product.

Digital Course

A digital course is something you create in the niche you are in. For example, if you have a blog about gardening, then you can create a digital course such as “Learn to Grow Vegetables For Profit.” This course can either be a bunch of blog articles, videos, or a combination of both. However, it’s suggested you first grow your user based on your blog or social media first. That way you have a bunch of users can be potential customers.

Email Course

The first digital product that will be talked about is an email course that is paid. This is a simple one but can bring has the ability to bring in a lot, which is amazing, to be honest!

One example of a paid email course can be 30-days course of writing, in which for 30 days each day the students are given an easy cause to write on and instructions to write for 30 minutes every day.
The best thing about a paid email course is how simple they are to be created and delivered. All it takes is the ability to create amazing written content and a service that is able to deliver emails, which everyone already has.

Workbook or Printables Downloads

Workbooks and planners that can be downloaded and printed are an amazing source of digital products that can produce a passive income for a lot of people. It’s an easy makeable product, easily delivered and can be bought at a reasonable price and does not require many promotions after being set up.

For anyone wondering what is a workbook which can be downloaded and printed, it is a simple file which can be downloaded in PDF form and can be printed or can be used digitally.

Graphics and Design Templates

Design templates are the most suitable product for creative people, freelance designers or for visual use. Sometimes people create templates for themselves, they can be sold to people who are not eligible enough or have time to create them.

A template can be designed with only collecting photos that can be customized and files that can be used on websites or designed already for Pinterest graphics.

Content Templates and Copy Scripts

People who are good at writing or creating content can have a lot of opportunities to create and sell content templates or scripts, as digital products, and make money out of it.

It is easier for people to find downloadable scripts and content templates online which they can fill in the blank, copy into their own system or processor and use to their own likings and needs. It’s already a done-and-ready-to-go product, in which videos can be added as well, it’s about following the script more which can be a lot of time-saving.

Completely opposite to a design template, a content template is a digital product which emphasizes greatly on words.

Virtual Workshop – Live and Paid!

With all the other digital products, which are mentioned above, it takes a lot of time and effort to create them. That is not the case with live paid virtual workshop, however. It is very easy to prepare for them as well as create them, as the content is being prepared for a live audience. It does not require to record videos or scripts in advance and save them as inventory, which is why it is quicker to produce and deliver than video or audio recorded content.

A paid visual workshop means a live workshop, which is usually 2 to 3 hour long, which comprise of a lot of important information which sometimes also involves a workbook or a relevant PDF.

Trackers and Spreadsheets Files

These digital products are something which a lot of people haven’t might have not thought of already, which makes it even great and an open opportunity for a lot of people as of right now.

Trackers, Spreadsheets, and calculators are finally a thing that can be talked about! They may have not been famous to a lot of people before, like eBooks, downloadable digital products and courses out there that are still not discovered. There are a lot of industries and ideas that these products can be used in, it sure is something to be excited about.

Training Tutorials on Technology

For people who have the knowledge to create a tech-savvy video for training purposes, this idea could be yours to implement on. Videos that are easy to use and can be followed step by step for technical training defining how to use software are in a lot of demand these days. There are a lot of videos that are not enough by the users, created by the companies themselves, so people look out for other videos of the same sorts. It saves a lot of time and unwanted frustration.

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